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About Me

I work at the Flamenco Strip Club, "Clap Dance". Becky is not my real name. Come before 6 to get half off all steaks!

What I'm doing with my life

Working my way through medical school. Studying neuroplasticity in older patients with aspergers. At night

Books, Movies, etc.

Henry Miller, Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss, Barney (for my kids), Raising Arizona (I have it memorized), Emily Dickinson, Virginia Woolf's The Waves, American Ninja Warrior

  Straight, Single, Athletic
  English, Some Spanish, Some French, Some Latin


Smokes, Drinks, Some drugs, Has kids but might want more.
Looking for: A guy who doesn't mind that I have a kid and a nanny because I work in the evenings. Subsequently, a guy who won't run off with my nanny. :)
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