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About Me

Lost my Jersey accent but I can still hang. As comfortable in a limo or sweat pants. Great at parallell parking.

What I'm doing with my life

I design department store windows. Yoga and travel as much as humanly possible.

Books, Movies, etc.

Chucky, Bride of Chucky, Cult of Chucky, Curse of Chucky, Anything Chucky! Dario Argento, Faces of Death, Martyrs, The Godfather 2 & 3, Vampire's Kiss, Anything with Steve Buscemi

  Straight, Single, Thin
  English, Some Spanish


Doesn't smoke, Drinks frequently, Doesn't do drugs, Doesn't have kids but might want them.
Looking for: A guy who can swoop me off my feet to the Champagne Room in a hot-air balloon and bring me a rose in the Fantasy Suite! Extra points if you own a horse!
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