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About Me

I'm a night person.

What I'm doing with my life

Listening to trees. Hanging out in graveyards with my flying squirrel Toozy. If you don't like flying squirrels or rodents or the night DO NOT MESSAGE ME. I was raised wikan, but I'm no longer practicing. I am curious about this Yoga I've been hearing a lot about.

Books, Movies, etc.

The Addams Family, NOT the Munsters. If you even ONCE laughed at The Munsters, DO NOT MESSAGE ME. WE WILL NOT get along. You suck. What is WRONG with you!?

  Polyamorous, Multi-gender-curious, Quasi-pan-liberal
  English, A little French


Looking for: Escaping the BDSM/Pegging scene. Anyone who won't objectify my body especially when I dress like Elvira at Halloween. I'd love to meet a Yoga Instructor. Little house in the country with big trees for my flying squirrel.
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